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This vast universe is composed of multiple elements. So too are our lives which are composed of moments; some more important than the others. It are these moments, which take a very small segment of our lives and frame it into the minds and hearts forever.  This leads us to reflections and gives birth to experiences from which we and others learn from.   Out of the several moments in his life,there is one that stands out the most. 
After going through a series of setbacks, Asim decided to reinvent and script his future as he took on the biggest challenge of his life, to be at war with himself. He begun a transition of a lifetime that resulted in over a 175 pound weight loss, reversing diabetes, heart and kidney disease. It wasn't easy, but it led him to believe that once you intend something and fuel it with passion, the word possible reveals itself with a new meaning.  With the journey, it brought his being into context and allowed him to appreciate every moment in this world with a new lease on life.  He wanted to save his new found experiences and let the world know what it was all about, which led him to pursue further, his biggest passion; Photography.  
Asim has percieved photography as a channel to capture life one click at a time simply because through photography, it has led him to appreciate and expose every individuals uniqueness, as well as the simple things that surround us, which normally may be overlooked. We often procrastinate and put things off into a false illusion that we'll get to it, but the truth is, no moment in time is ever guaranteed.  Hence, his camera has been his tool to break barriers and to accept the "new" him by stepping out of his comfort zone and discover the world that had eluded him.  This journey has led him to reveal a lot about his inner self through some negatives, yet at the same time it has allowed him to meet new people.  But most importantly, it has taught him that every single soul in this univerve is unique in it's own way and that the biggest gift one can give to another is appreciation, acceptance, and paying it forward. 
In Focus with Asim Farooki 
An Intimate Interview with HTV (PAKISTAN) 2015 by Mirza Omer

“Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera”, a quote by Yousuf Karsh, fits perfectly to the story of Asim Farooki, a New York based South Asian photographer. Asim was born in the city of Lahore, Pakistan. He traveled extensively in his early years which helped him get exposure to different environments, places, people and cultures. A photographer is not someone who knows how to operate a camera, he is not a technician. A photographer is an artist. They look at the world with various dimensions and perspectives and find a story in everything they capture or look at, through their lens. Asim has a massive collection of breath taking portraits and landscapes, he loves capturing nature in its simplest form as he believes manipulating (over editing) nature is a crime.In less than 5 years, Asim has managed to embark his name in some big international events working with well-known celebrities and photographers. Asim was the Honoree for Asian Heritage Night ’13 with the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center for Photography. He has made considerable cover story contributions for Stardust and Dar Life in South Africa and has won several photography contests and awards. He has been the official photographer for several drama serials and movies, including a famous Pakistani Drama, “Jackson Heights.”Asim has earned his way up the ladder, and seems to have a promising career as a photographer. He has been working for Bollywood, Hollywood and Lollywood for quite some time now. Asim has had the privilege of photographing celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Anil Kapoor, Sonu Sood, Imran Khan (actor), Mawra Hocane, Amina Sheikh and several others. He has been quite determined and focused towards his work, resulting in him being an inspiration for many young photographers today. He can be approached through his website www.asimfarooki.com or his Facebook page Asim Farooki Photography. Let’s see what he has in store for all photography lovers as we bring Asim Farooki “In Focus.”

For the full interview, please visit: http://htv.com.pk/lifestyle/in-focus-with-asim-farooki

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