Mika Singh 2014

Bollywood movies are known for love and music. When it comes to music, the fast paced dance numbers can inspire anyone to get on their feet and let the dance take over. There is no denying the fact, Mika Singh is the household name in the best dance numbers in recent times and his punjabi style is in a league of its own. 

This was an incredible tour where we saw some very amazing talented musicians accompany the King of Punjab, including the talented Brazilian princess Mili Marques Kaur and Geeta Jhala who's backup vocals were not to be missed. Raj and his dhol beat up rhythms that shook the venue off its foundation. Also, Deepak and Raman did their magic with keyboards and backup vocals. 

This was another show that truly lived up to the hype and once again ARIZ Inc proved why they continue to be the best in delivering live entertainment to their fans.

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